2022 Photo Album – Mid-Week Group

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Click 2022 Mid-Week Outing Group Photo Album to view the 2022 photo album (60MB pdf)

Viewing the Photo Album

Unfortunately the Google PDF viewer does not have a ‘view a page at a time’ mode. Adobe Acrobat Reader does.

Note: F11 switches most browsers into ‘full screen’ mode. Press F11 again to exit.

The best way to view the album is to use ‘view a page at a time’ mode in ‘full screen’ mode.
Adobe Acrobat Reader has both ‘view a page at a time’ mode and ‘full screen’ mode.
You can download the free Adobe Acrobat Reader from here: https://get.adobe.com/reader/enterprise/
In Adobe Acrobat Reader, use ‘View > Full Screen Mode’ to view the album in both ‘view a page at a time’ mode and ‘full screen’ mode.

Downloading the Photo Album

To download the photo album:


Wait for the download to finish:


Open the download folder


Right click on the PDF and open with Adobe Acrobat Reader

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