MCC Photography Courses

The Melbourne Camera Club offers a number of courses for photographers. These are open to the general public as well as to club members.

Introduction to Photography

Are you new to Photography or you would like to know how to use your new camera or become a better photographer?

This is the course for you as this is a basic introduction to photography starting with learning your camera controls, understanding how various parameters affect the outcome of your creative abilities.

Film Develop and Printing Course – Darkroom

This introductory course is hands on course to learn to develop black and white films and print black and white images (silver gelatin) in the darkroom. 

Introduction to Lightroom Basics

This Introduction to Lightroom Basics is suited to beginners embarking on their photographic journey. Members price $89, Non Members price $149

Body Sculpting and Rear Curtain Sync Workshop

In the first segment, delve into the art of body sculpting with dancer Alyson King. Explore the interplay of light and shadows to capture intricate forms, focusing on creative lighting techniques and the artful sculpting of the human body. Experience the essence of Fine Art photography at its finest.

Transition to the second part, where you’ll explore Rear Curtain sync with studio flash. Elevate your creativity to new heights by incorporating dance and movement into your photography. This segment promises exciting opportunities to capture truly unique and dynamic movement photos, making for a fun and enriching experience.

The Art of Still Life Workshop

Learn the art of creating & capturing beautiful still life images. Julie will show you how slowing down will enable you too  create beautifully simple still life images, with a combination of constant controlled studio lights as well as soft natural light and creatively placing and staging objects to create a myriad of beautiful serene art. 

Portrait Workshop – Film Noir & Gatsby Inspired Portraits    This workshop is Full

In our “Film Noir & Gatsby” inspired themed workshop Julie Powell will show you how to create an air of mystery in your portraits by using unique lighting, models make-up and props essential to capturing the Film Noir style and show you how do encourage and direct your subjects to attain the ascetics you are showcasing by various methods including withholding some information, allowing the viewer’s imagination to fill in the gaps.