Digital Editing Group

Digital Editing Group

Everyone takes digital images, whether on a phone or a dedicated camera. But have you ever been disappointed with the results? Perhaps learning some digital editing techniques may help you become more satisfied with your images.

Objectives of the Digital Editing Group

The group leadership acknowledges that the level of understanding of digital editing techniques varies enormously among members. We will therefore aim to provide information to members at basic, intermediate and advanced levels in each meeting.

The focus is not on how to capture an image, but on what can be done with it in post-processing after downloading the images to your computer. Topics such as adjusting exposure and saturation, compositing, HDR and special effects will be just some of the areas covered. The digital editing techniques discussed will primarily be applicable to Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop, however these techniques are generally transferable to many other digital editing programmes.

How will the information on techniques be presented?

Short videos by professional photography educators will be a primary method of delivery along with discussions and hands on demonstrations.
We also hope to arrange for guest speakers from time to time.

When does the group meet?

The Digital Editing Group meets on the third Monday of each month, except January and December.

Keep informed about upcoming meetings

The Digital Editing Group sends out a monthly email to advise members of what will be discussed at upcoming meetings. Are you receiving that email? You can check whether you are registered to receive these emails by logging into the website. Under the “Members” tab, select “My Profile”. Scroll down past your contact information to “Groups” and make sure there is a tick in the box next to Digital Editing Group. Click on “Save” before exiting the page.


The group is coordinated by Gail Morgan with assistance from Gary Richardson and Bob Warfield.

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The Digital Editing Group meets on the third Monday of each month.