Photo Discussion Group

Photo Discussion Group

The best fun you will have without a camera!

The Photo Discussion Group provides a regular forum where you can discuss your passion for photography with like-minded people.

In a friendly, helpful environment, we explore a diverse range of photography topics – what makes competition winning images, creative techniques, how do judges evaluate our work, what tools we use to create the images we love, and how we may progress our skills to a higher level – to name a few. 

Whatever your interests – photographic genres, image capture, image processing, printing, EDI, the latest tools, or just looking for tips – you will not be disappointed.

The Photo Discussion Group evening is truly your opportunity to explore whatever photographic topic you wish to advance.

Our regulars particularly enjoy:

  • member judges who provide constructive one-on-one evaluation of images we bring to the meeting
  • experienced successful members who share their expertise in printing, framing, competition successes and photographic genres
  • the general group discussion of participants’ work.

When? We meet the second Monday of every month (February to December).

Time? 8:00 pm to 10:00 pm (..very often some stay on well past 10!).

What to bring? Yourself…and some images if you wish (print or EDI).

Who’s welcome? Any member or visitor considering membership.