Smartphone Photography Workshop – 1st June 2024 – 1pm to 4pm

Do you finally want to be able to take amazing photos with your phone.? Well here is your opportunity.

About Mike James

Mike James is one of Australia’s most dynamic and sought-after speakers and trainers in the field of mobile phone photography. Mike has combined 25 years of experience in photography and mentoring to be able to deliver extraordinary content, in an engaged and intelligent way. His passion comes from being on a mission to help you become more photography literate, priding himself on avoiding technical jargon – leaving you educated, inspired and ready to create stunning images with your mobile phone.

After running DSLR workshops for a number of years Mike found working with photo enthusiasts using their smartphones so much more enjoyable. Attendees were not there learning to use the tool of their trade but the one thing most people have in their hand at that concise moment. Mobile photographers are passionate about learning and loving photography on their smartphones.

Mike is an incredibly experienced photographer and an entertaining educator. Mike will not just show you how to snap random photos on your phone he will teach you techniques to take amazing photos using your phone and the equally amazing software available to everyone.

Location: MCC clubrooms – 254-256 Ferrars Street, South Melbourne, VIC 3205, Australia

MCC Member Cost – $26.00 (includes $1.00 PayPal fee) 

NON MCC Member Cost – $47.00 (includes $2.00 PayPal fee)