The Art of Still Life Workshop

Images Credit: Julie Powell

Master the Art of Simple Still Life:

In this workshop, you will learn how to create stunning still-life images with the serenity of controlled studio lighting. Learn to arrange and style objects and discover the joy of slowing down to capture beautiful simplicity.

Embrace the Hygge Aesthetic:

Inspired by the Danish concept of Hygge, we’ll explore the art of capturing cozy contentment through soft, dreamy light, minimal colour palettes, and rich earthy tones. We’ll also explore some gorgeous dark and moody styles as well. Learn to harness light and incorporate the Hygge aesthetic into your photography for a touch of simple elegance.

From Beginner to Master:

Whether you’re a budding photographer or a seasoned pro, this workshop is designed to empower you. Gain the skills and knowledge to create magazine-worthy still-life images. Build your confidence and refine your craft to take your photography to the next level.

Fuel Your Creativity:

Multiple workstations, a variety of objects (both natural and man-made), and multiple lighting setups will inspire your creativity and equip you with the skills for your own home studio.

The World of Still Life:

Still-life photography is a captivating genre that focuses on capturing inanimate objects in an artistic and imaginative way. From food and flowers to books and bottles, the possibilities are endless.

Lighting by Hobolite:

Our guest hosts, Hobolite, will provide all the lighting for this fantastic workshop. Experiment with their Hobolite Pro, Avant, Mini, and Micro LED lights to discover the perfect illumination for your still-life masterpieces.


Julie Powell spent years studying the Masters, lighting, staging and styling, pouring over so many beautiful images online and in magazines. Eventually it all started to come together. People started asking her to show them how she created her beautiful photos so she started running small classes and workshops out of her home studio. These quickly lead into larger classes offering more and varied subjects. Julie has won many awards and she is highly sort after as an educator and trainer.

Whether an absolute beginner or more advanced photographer, Julie will show you that with the right support and guidance, the required skills and knowledge can be gained that will enable you too create images like you see online and in magazines by building your confidence and your skills to take your photographic achievements to the next level.

This workshop is open to all MCC members and will be held at the MCC club-rooms. Both workshops will be identical with 16 participants each, hence register for 1 workshop only.



Workshop 1 Saturday 6th July 2024 1pm to 4pm
Workshop 2 Sunday 7th July 2024 1pm to 4pm