Analogue Photography Group

Analogue Photography Group

Group Activities 2024

The Analogue Photography Group meetings range across topics related to film, printing, alternative process and any topics members would like to discuss. Our meetings try not to talk at you, but rather seeks your input and your experience to add to our group’s activities.

Field workshops

We also host relevant workshops, usually on the weekend. Each year we try to enjoy 5 or 6 excursions, also mainly over weekends.

Annual Analogue Photography Exhibtion

Since 2001 the Analogue Group has had an annual exhibition.

You can see details about entering the 24thAnnual exhibition of prints created through traditional techniques.

This is a significant event in the club’s exhibition calendar.

View the exhibition catalogue for the 23rd Annual Analogue Photography exhibition

View the exhibition catalogue for the 22nd Annual Analogue Photography exhibition

View the prints and technical details of all exhibitors in the  21st Annual Analogue Photography exhibition.

Monthly meeting

The details of this range of activities can be found on our program page. You can see more detail about each month’s event on the Analogue Group this month page.

Analogue photography resources

We have built an Analogue Photography Resources page that contains a range of information, downloads and links.

Analogue camera gear for loan

MCC has a range of analogue cameras for loan to all club members.


Like all MCC special interest groups, meetings are open to every MCC member and visitors are welcome.

The Analogue Photography Group Coordinator can be contact via email.

Online Communication

The Analogue Group sends a monthly email to all members to advise them of its activities. It also has an announcements list for everyone who would like to know specific aspects of the group activities.  We send 1-2 emails per month. To subscribe, use the Edit tab under ‘My Account’ and choose ‘Name and Address’. At the bottom of the page you will find the Club’s special interest groups. Check the box for the Analogue Group to gain access to our mailing list.


The Melbourne Camera Club has an Analogue Darkroom for its members to use. Facilities include several enlargers, a digital timer, all trays, tongs, jugs, drying cabinet (film), print dryer, and various other useful bits and pieces.

Members need to supply their own consumables ie. paper and chemicals.

MCC Darkroom bookings require a $25 nonrefundable deposit for an access Fob, which can be arranged on any Thursday club night.

Sessions in the MCC Darkroom can be booked in blocks of 3 hours, up to a total of 12 hours for the very reasonable price of $10 per 6 hours.

The use of the Darkroom is controlled by a user agreement. You must be a member of the club to access this facility.

Details on how to access the Darkroom and the Booking System are available on-line

MCC Darkroom Use Guidelines