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September 25

Meeting topic:

Show and Tell, feedback on printmaking, Passion Projects, Work In Progress, sharing of interesting cameras
Meeting Guest Speaker:

Kate Baker is a Australian fine art photographer, who works primarily with black and white film. Kate will talk about her printing process in the darkroom.

Kate relates her journey in fine art printing.

“I studied initially with the Australian Centre for Photography with Geoff McGeachan and Marco Bok. I then studied further fine art printing with Gordon Undy. I have also done some study with Michael Smith and Paula Chamlee (silver gelatin), and Tim Rudman (Lith printing). More recently I have been working with Lith printing and paper negatives.

In terms of my printing refinement process within the darkroom I have a log book I use with every print.  I draw a rough diagram to show where I have dodged and burned etc, how long I leave in chemistry, what paper and developer I use.”

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