The Darkroom

The Darkroom

The club has a very well equipped darkroom that will meet the requirements of most film photographers.

Three main enlargers cover most film sizes from 35mm to 4×5. For example, the Omega enlarger (seen at the far end of the Darkroom) has three lens and about 5 carriers that include half frame 35mm and 4×5 film.

Members can hire the darkroom for 3 to 12 hours – the cost is $10 for up to 6 hours; $20 for 7-12 hours (12 hours is the maximum allowable session on any one day). Members need to supply their own paper and chemicals.

A number of times a year there are Analogue Photography Basics courses to introduce members to the processing and printing of film.
The Darkroom is booked through the club’s on-line booking system but members must become registered users in order to do this.
There are Guidelines for the use of the Darkroom.
The darkroom is associated with the Analogue Photography Group of the club

The Print Finishing Area

Associated with the Darkroom is the print finishing area.
This has a table with a fixed matting machine. It is available to all members.
The club’s exhibition print frames are also stored in this area






Photo finishing