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  Blue Lotus Water Garden: Sat 24 Feb 2024
  Triennial NGV Exhibition: Tue 27 Feb 2024

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2024 Contributors
Alan Scott
Bob Clothier
Carolyn Brandt
David Davidson
Doni Baz
James Mexias
Jim O’Donnell
Jim Weatherill
Joe Hajdu
Marg Huxtable
Michael Brown
Michelle Brasington
Paul Palcsek
Richard Faris
Rick Lang
Simon Beaven
Sony Varma
Sue Rocco
Terry Noske


Tue 6 Feb 2024 (1st Tue) – Blue Lotus Water Garden

Google Maps  https://www.bluelotusfarm.com.au/

Trust everyone had a great festive season and that you are looking forward to our regular get-togethers with our cameras for some photography and the opportunity to see something different.

Our first outing for 2024 will be Tuesday 6th February to the Blue Lotus Water Garden in Yarra Junction. A little bit out of town, but well worth the effort.   

The Blue Lotus Water Garden spans 14 acres. It is a tropical-themed garden with more than 40 different ponds, lakes and water features which produce the biggest display of lotus and waterlily flowers in the southern hemisphere. The grounds also contain an amazing array of exotic plants, garden exhibits, fountains, waterfalls, floral sculptures and scenic vistas.

Since we last visited, there have been a few changes, the main one being that this year the 3 Sugars Café in Warburton has taken over the catering, so we will have both our morning coffee/tea and our lunch at the Gardens.

Entry fee is $22 for seniors/pensioners, we are not attempting a group concession as the money is required up front, and it complicates lunch.

The Blue Lotus Water Garden is located at 2628 Warburton Highway, Yarra Junction.

The Garden is only open to the public during summer, that’s when the lotus and water-lilies flower, hence the February date for our outing.

We will meet in the café in the Gardens at 10.30 am, and after exploring and photographing the gardens will return to the café (menu) for lunch about 12.30pm.

Hope to see you there.

For further information send email to midweekgroup@melbournecameraclub.org.au

Jim Weatherill

Tue 20 Feb 2024 – Triennial NGV Exhibition

This month we plan to go to the NGV Triennial Exhibition.

I have been there and it is spectacular.

It occupies all the exhibition space of the St. Kilda Road building. The exhibition shows the work of 120 contemporary artists from all parts of the world. And, it includes a couple of rich photographic displays: an exhibition of large photographs by the Irish photographer Kevin Abosch illustrates how you can post-process photojournalistic images to increase their dramatic impact, and on the top floor there is ‘Megalopolis’, in which 10 photographers from cities as diverse as Tokyo, Sao Paulo and New Delhi show how they see their home city.

There is so much more to see – installation art, art making as a political statement, robotics, etc.  There is something there to interest every one of us. 

Free admission.

The NGV is located at 180 St Kilda Road, Melbourne.

Please come. As always, our Melbourne CC friends are also most welcome.

Time and place: we plan to meet at 10.30am in the cafeteria, on the ground floor behind the information counter on the left.

We’ll meet in the NGV foyer at 12.15pm and then proceed to lunch.

Joe Hajdu