Club Competitions

The Melbourne Camera Club aims to encourage as many members as possible to enjoy and improve their photography skills. One of the ways the MCC facilitates this is by inviting member participation in the club’s various competitions.

There are two monthly competitions:

Print Competitions – held on the second Thursday of each month.
Projected Digital Image Competitions – held on the fourth Thursday of each month.

Both Print and PDI competitions are governed by a set of general rules:

Competition entry rules
Entry format & presentation rules
Ethical Principles for Photography Images

Each competition offers a monthly Set Subject category:

Competition Set Subjects for current year

MCC’s monthly competitions are controlled by a specific set of rules:

Rules for monthly competitions

An annual competition on member-produced Photo Books is also hosted:

Photo Book Competition

Finally, the grand finale to the Club’s year long competition program is the End of Year Competition!

End of Year Competition

The requirements for images are defined by Club rules:

Guidelines for Competition Images

Promotions to A Grade

End of Year Results for all competitions are archived on our website for member information.

End of Year Competition Results

List of Awards

Award Backgrounds

This archive includes member competition scores for posterity.

Competition Scores
10 Clubs Portrait Competition
10 Clubs Portrait Competition Entry

10 Clubs Portrait Competition Rules

Archived Club Competition Items


To Enter Projected Digital Image Competition:


For Judges Only