10 Club Portrait Competition – 2020

10 Club Portrait Competition


Up to 6 images per entrant.
Up to 2 images per division.
1920 x 1200 x 2MB per image (as per monthly PDI comp).

Key dates:
1. Monday 11 May:  Due date for member submissions to club (Club’s Entries due: 25 May)
2. Monday 22 June 7.30pm: Presentation/judging night at MGA (860 Ferntree Gully Road, Wheelers Hill)

Note about image size:
As discussed with the organizer, we will be supplying images as 1920x1200x2mb. If your image(s) win, you will be asked to supply a high resolution image for printing on A3.

10 Clubs Portrait Competition Rules
Note: If you are a member of multiple clubs, you can only enter at one club.


Single person portrait

• Photograph contains one person only as the main element of the image. For example, the
subject person standing in front of a grandstand of football supports would still qualify,
provided that it is a portrait of only that person and the people in the grandstand are residual
elements only.
• May be a full or partial body.
• Does not have to include the face.

Two or more people

• Photograph contains two or more people in the same image as the main elements of the
image (refer to the note above regarding the concept of “main element”).
• May be full or partial bodies.
• Does not have to include faces.

Abstract/Creative portraiture

• We are not even going to try to define this category and so let your creative spirit free and
experiment! Just remember that the overarching topic is still human portraiture.
• Images entered in this category cannot include images entered in other categories, even if
substantially reedited.
• Polyptychs (diptychs, triptychs, etc) are permitted in this category only.


11 May 2020 Update

On 10 May 2020, at 5:34 pm, Ken Spence wrote:

10 Club Portrait Competition – Rules : Additional Comments

Dear Participating Clubs;

In the last few days we have been contacted by two participating clubs seeking further elaboration in relation to the 6th dot point rule under the heading Image Capture. This particular rule states:

Images captured, retouched or digitally edited during a workshop, tutorial or similar are ineligible. 


Various other photography competitions contain similar requirements, with the objective being that an image is not only physically the work of the photographer (the aspect to which the 1st dot point in the Image Capture rule relates) but, equally importantly, it is creatively the work of the photographer.


In the extreme, the objective of this rule is to preclude the entering of a photo where instructors or facilitators, have set-up the lighting, arranged the styling or posing of the model, arranged the backdrop/setting and/or advised attendees on camera settings etc. In some cases, all that is left for the photographer is to ask the model to look one way or the other and then to push the trigger.


These types of events are common at camera clubs and photographic courses and, without doubt, they can be extremely worthwhile from an educational perspective. However, the resulting images do not solely reflect the creativity and skill of the photographer in their own right. This can be more than evident from the fact that a number of photographers at such events take images that can be very similar.


This example can be differentiated from a circumstance when a club might just facilitate a photoshoot for members where club lighting equipment is made available and models may be secured but no other assistance, instruction or guidance is provided, such that the resulting images only reflect the creativity and skills of the photographer.


As well as studio situations, this Workshop exclusion is intended to also apply to outside events where, for example, an instructor arranges a person to stand in a doorway, and then may also suggest vantage points or camera settings to the photographers.


As is the case with most rules, there can always be grey areas and we are not going to seek to undertake forensic investigations (this comp is intended to be a good fun experience for us all). However, we hope that this note gets across the key point that what we are most interested in showcasing via this event is the creativity and skill of the PHOTOGRAPHER and no others.


As you will understand, as competition stewards for this event and to maintain the integrity of the competition we may contact a member club to discuss an image if there are any concerns that the image may possible breach any of the stated rules. In any event, the judges of the competition would no doubt substantially mark-down an entry that they believe may breach the rules of the competition.


Some clubs have suggested that for the first year of this portrait comp, by excluding workshop related images they may struggle to gather sufficient quality portraits to enter a full set of 30 images. In this context we note the following points:

  • For this first year of this comp we have not put any date limitations on when images can be taken and, therefore, clubs should have available to them many past years of member images.
  • Photos of families and friends can certainly be some of the most personal and engaging portraits and these attributes can be in many cases be enhanced where photos have been taken in natural/non-studio lite settings.
  • 30 images in total (10 per category) is themaximum number of images that a club can enter and it is not envisaged that we will list the number of images actually entered by each club. Therefore a club may chose to enter less than 10 images in some categories.
  • However, please do not overlook the requirement that any one photographer can only have a maximum of 2 images entered in the competition in total.


We hope that these comments are of some assistance.

Ken Spence
10CPC Coordinator
Camberwell Camera Club

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