Rules for Competition Submission

Rules for Competition Submission


A Grade and B Grade Open competitions (Print and PDI) one (1) entry per member in each competition
Set-subject competitions (Print and PDI) one (1) entry per member in each competition
Image Critique competitions (Print and PDI) two (2) entries per member in each competition

Entries in any competition must be, for each particular competition, in the same grade as the member’s ranking.

There are specific rules concerning the format and presentation of entries for the Print and PDI competitions.

Registration and Upload Times

Print entries  must be registered, and on display by 8:00PM on the evening of the Print competition.
PDI entries must be uploaded via the Club’s website by midnight on the evening of the Club meeting two weeks prior to the PDI competition unless otherwise advised by the PDI Competition Steward

It is the responsibility of the entrant to ensure that all entries are submitted before the nominated closing time and that entries conform to these rules.

MCC Policy on Use of Member’s Images

In consideration of submitting photographs to any competition of The Melbourne Camera Club (“The Club”), the maker grants The Club a limited license to exhibit the submitted photographs on its premises during the competition and any associated exhibitions. It is also a condition of entry that photographs or facsimiles of photographs awarded with a commendation or higher award (“Awarded Photographs”) may be used by The Club for the purposes including, without limitation, documenting, reporting and promoting the competition into which Awarded Photographs are entered or a similar competition or exhibition (“Agreed Use”). The photographer grants to The Club the right to reproduce Awarded Photographs for the Agreed Use. The Club undertakes to appropriately credit images to the maker when Awarded Photographs are used.

The photographer retains full copyright of his/her photographs and The Club undertakes not to sell members’ photographs without the consent of the photographer.