MCC’s Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day 2023

On Sunday 30 April 2023, the Analogue Photography Group held a workshop to celebrate Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day. It was a huge success with a variety of pinhole cameras made by the ten MCC members who participated. A range of containers were brought along to create some amazing pinhole cameras such as: an empty lens box, a Glenfiddich container and a Code Black Coffee box that was turned into a twin camera. Every pinhole camera made, took some very interesting images.  

Many thanks to Shane Booth who lead and coordinated the pinhole workshop. He bought along everything that was needed and gave 1:1 guidance to those who attended. Also big thank you to Selby Markham and Andrew Lang who spent all their time helping in the darkroom with the loading of the paper into the pinhole cameras and then assisting with the processing of the paper negatives. It was quite a busy time in the darkroom!!

See below for some of the pinhole cameras made and images taken, during the MCC Worldwide Pinhole Photography Workshop. Also go to @MCC_darkroom Instagram for more images. 

Santina Velo
6 May 2023

*Header image credit Andrew Tan