MCC Members VIGEX Success

A number of MCC members enjoyed success at the recently held Vigex exhibition in Geelong recently.

Sally Paterson, Margaret Huxtable, Nicole Andrews, Anne Shellard and Lesley Bretherton have been awarded with medals or ribbons marking their success. At the awards ceremony held on Saturday 15 October, Margaret and Sally were presented with their awards. Attached are photographs of the award presentation taken by Jim Weatherill.

The VIGEX team will bring a display of work to MCC next Thursday 10 November, as has been done for the last few years. The evening will include a small set of the best prints, as well as viewing of the slideshow which includes all awards and the Australian acceptances. The remaining couple of awards will also be presented to our members who didn’t attend the event in Geelong.

VIGEX 2022 Sally Paterson Award. Image Jim Weatherill
VIGEX 2022 Marg Huxtable Award. Image Jim Weatherill