Honorary Life Member

Congratulations to Gary Richardson who was elected Honorary Life member of Melbourne Camera Club at the AGM on 6 October 2022.

Gary has been a fixture at the Club for many years now – anyone that is a member of the Club today will have encountered Gary at some stage.

Gary has been past President of the Club, past Treasurer and past Company Secretary. He has long been a part of the Club at the decision-making and directional level.

For quite a few years, Gary has both organised and administered the Introduction to Photography Course that the Club runs twice per year. Gary has also been the premier presenter and trainer during that course. It is only in the last year that Gary has decided to step back and hand the reins of organisation and administration over to Graeme Diggle and pass the baton of presenter to me (although he does, of course, still run several of the sessions).

Gary is the coordinator of the Digital Editing Group and, even during COVID lockdown, ensured that that special interest group continued. Whilst Gary has also handed some of the reins of that group over to Gail Morgan, he is still very much front and centre of that group.

Gary runs the Photo Discussion Group also. This group has both a serious side and also a social side where any and all members are invited to bring a photo or two – or anything else – that they’d like to discuss, or indeed, just to turn up and join the discussion.

Until recently, Gary was actively involved with the Competition Committee – in particular as a Print Steward, but in reality across all aspects of the competitions that we run at the Club. Gary remained with the Committee until he was sure that there was sufficient enthusiasm and expertise in the newer members that he could step down. Gary also actively participates in the monthly competitions that we hold – although he does have far too many polar bear images…

Almost everywhere you look, Gary is there – even this evening he’s actively managing the AV whilst I get to sit up front and look silly.

So it is with much pleasure that I nominate Gary Richardson on behalf of Peter Tredrea for Life Membership of the Club.

Paul Dodd
6 October 2022