AGM 2021 – Results

The 131st Annual General Meeting of the members of the Melbourne Camera Club was held via Zoom on 7 October 2021.

The new Board for 2021/2022 is:
President: Mark Devaraj
Hon Secretary: Sally Paterson
Hon Treasurer: David Sherwood
Vice Presidents: Paul Dodd, Nicole Andrews
Elected Members: Ian Bock, Colin Booth, Kaye Linsdell, Colette Gaughran
Club Subscriptions
As recommended by the Board the motion to keep current subscription rates unchanged for FY 2022 was unanimously passed.
Constitution Amendments
The new Constitution was approved and adopted as the Constitution of MCC replacing the previous Constitution. Motion carried: 95.61% in favour. Link to new Constitution
Life Memberships
As recommended by the Board, the motion to elect Colin Booth and Kees Zonneveld as Honorary Life Members was unanimously passed.
AGM Documents
Members can read the AGM reports including the Coordinators reports, on the website, click here 
I would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank out-going Board members Lesley Bretherton and Susan Brunialti for their significant contributions and service to the Board and the Club.
In addition, I would like to welcome Kaye Linsdell and Colette Gaughran to the Board for a 2 year term.
Mark Devaraj