Honorary Life Members

Congratulations to Colin Booth and Kees Zonneveld who were elected Honorary Life members of Melbourne Camera Club at the AGM on 7 October 2021.

The Melbourne Camera Club is very fortunate to own a very beautiful and historic building in South Melbourne. But with owning a building of such significance, comes responsibility and also a cost.

In this regard, the Melbourne Camera Club has been very fortunate to have two members who have made the job of maintaining our clubrooms so much easier for everyone over the last few years. Those individuals are Colin Booth and Kees Zonneveld.

Anyone visiting the club prior to lockdown was almost certain to run into one of these two men walking around with a hammer, a piece of wood, a floor plan or a piece of technical equipment in hand.

Whether it was ten in the morning or four in the afternoon, Colin and Kees would be busy volunteering their time to make sure the state of our clubroom was maintained.

The extent of their work is quite extraordinary and following are just some of the things they have been involved in:
Several years back, Colin and Kees oversaw major renovations to the club which involved providing some volunteer labour, getting quotes, organising procurement, showing people around and supervision of the work of external providers.
More recently Colin and Kees were responsible for:

  • the installation of replacement lighting for gallery
  • the installation of replacement club toilet
  • supervising and assisting with cleaning
  • maintenance and improvement of the small garden

To keep the premises safe and secure the members:

  • supervised the installation of a security system which is regularly monitored by Colin
  • supervised the installation of a safety rail up into the annex and removal of a compactus 

In addition to maintaining the premises, Colin and Kees have played a huge role in the improvement of the clubrooms. These improvements have included:

  • procurement and installation of a new video projector and supporting structures
  • procurement and installation of equipment to conduct hybrid meetings so those uncomfortable coming to the club could join in from home
  • construction of a dedicated change room to give models privacy when preparing for portrait shoots
  • building of new storage cabinets for the club’s permanent displays
  • building of new storage cabinets for special interest groups
  • Installation of air filter for club dark room
  • installation of special display rods for club prints
  • installation of shelves in the office
  • installation of three reverse cycle air-conditioners

All up, Colin and Kees have been responsible for overseeing over $60,000 of work that has been carried out at the club over a period of three to four years.
Not only have they volunteered their time but they have also generously gifted a number of items to the club with lights, desks and shelves, wood supplies and an outside barbecue.
The amount of voluntary work both Colin and Kees have provided is truly remarkable and has been of both enormous practical and financial benefit to the club. We owe a huge debt to these individuals and are therefore pleased to be able to offer them life membership of the Melbourne Camera Club.

Nicole Andrews
7 October 2021