Competition Committee News

Special Lockdown Pop-up Presentation: Chris Hopkins, Walkley Award Photographer : Next Tuesday 8th June at 5pm

 As we are getting closer to the due date for entries into the 10CPC on 26 July 2021, (due date for our system will be Sunday 13th July) the 10CPC committee have been able to arrange another stand-out portrait photographer to present to us all. 

To help us all through the lockdown and to assist in fine tuning entries into the 10 Club Portrait Competition (10CPC), Camberwell Camera Club have been extremely fortunate in being able to arrange for Chris Hopkins to join all members of 10CPC clubs on Zoom to discuss Portrait and People Photography.

Chris is a two-time Walkley Award winner (Australia’s highest honour for Journalism) and has been recognised by Pictures of the Year International most recently in 2021.  Earlier in his career he documented the lives of second-generation Agent Orange victims in Vietnam. Chris says that covering this story led to a deeper sense of purpose for his photography. He has since gone on to cover humanitarian issues globally and nationally with an intent to bring human rights issues to the forefront of public awareness.

As you can see from his website  he is an expert in telling deep human-interest stories with just his camera.

The timing of 5pm this Tuesday (8 June) is a little bit unusual (we are in a lockdown) but fits in with Chris’s photojournalism commitments and might also work well for other day-job potential attendees.  

Keep an eye out for  an email to members with the Zoom details.

10 Club Portrait Competition. 2021

The 10-Club Portrait Competition will be open for entries on our website soon.

We are allowed 10 Single portraits, 10 two or more people portraits and 5 creative portrait entries per club. Entries will be chosen from member’s submissions which are due on the 13 July via the PDI portal.

More details and rules will be up on the website soon.