Vale Nola Sharp

Vale NOLA SHARP, 1928-2023

Sadly, we advise members of Nola Sharp’s death, in Bendigo in early August 2023.
Nola joined the Melbourne Camera Club in December 1977. She became the Club’s third female President, serving two terms in 1992 and 1993. Previous female Presidents were Dorothy Newton (1965) and Grace Lock (1974), The Club was formed in 1891, and as Nola noted, it took 74 years for the Club to elect its first woman President. In addition to her time as President, Nola had been an active Council member, serving for over 10 years in roles including publicity and membership officer, newsletter and syllabus coordinator, secretary and vice-president.

In 1991, Nola was awarded the inaugural Queenie Gatt Award “for the most outstanding non-photographic contribution to the Club”. Also in that year, the Club’s centenary year, Nola was one of the exhibiting photographers in the MCC’s “Four Women Photographers” print exhibition.

In 2007, Nola and husband Frank, held a Retrospective Exhibition of their photography at the Club. The exhibition was well attended and demonstrated to all, the high standard of their photography.

In 2011, at the Club’s 120th birthday night, Nola and Frank were made Honorary Life Members of the Club.

Nola’s profession was as a graphic designer/book illustrator, and photography became her medium of choice as a graphic designer. In her 40’s she “got hooked” on black and white photography. When she and Frank started to travel overseas, she moved to colour slides, and by the late 1980’s she and Frank began to explore Cibachrome, which they mastered and produced some great images. Later, Nola was to embrace digital.

Nola was considered to be a progressive and creative photographer in MCC competitions. She was a very active member of the Club and participated at all levels of Club life. She was always willing to step up and do the things that had to be done.

In 1987, upon their return from an extended stay in England, during which they joined the Oxford Camera Club, they made a memorable presentation of their time away, showing images that moved a number of members who had links with the U.K.

Nola was a strong supporter of the Club’s printed magazine “Exposure”.  In 2008, a motion to cut back its production to three issues a year being rejected at the AGM following Nola’s networking and advocacy.  Exposure continued at six printed issues a year until 2017, eventually ceasing during Covid.

Nola has been described as the lifeblood of the Club in the years when she was most involved, and she saw the Club as the focus for her artistic endeavours.

Frank died in 2011, and Nola has been in a Bendigo aged care facility, close to family, since 2016.

Her passing will cause many members to pause and remember a lovely lady.

Jim Weatherill
10 August 2023

Heading image: Nola seated on Patrick Horton’s BMW, with Patrick on the pillion. Patrick was past President of MCC. Image by Barrie Bunning 1984.

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