Queenie Gatt Award 2022

The Queenie Gatt Trophy is a perpetual trophy that is awarded by the Late Charles Gatt in memory of his late mother Queenie Gatt. It is to honour MCC Members for their non-photographic work in support of the Club.
The Board received a number of nominations from members for this year’s award, some before the closing date (21 November) and some after the closing date.  

The Board has unequivocally agreed that Sally Paterson should be the sole winner to receive the Queenie Gatt award this year. 

Many members contribute in many ways, and by far, Sally’s contribution stands out in terms of the sacrifice of her time and her resources for the club.

As you know, Sally is our Honorary Secretary and a 3 year Board member, an extraordinary role which is not an easy role to hold particularly when you work full time with a global firm. 

Sally is also involved in most groups and is active with helping our exhibitions team, photowalks, newsletter team, purchasing the coffee, milk and biscuits, keeping the kitchen utensils clean, answering queries from the public, getting the posters for our windows, helping some of external exhibitors who have exhibitions here, organising Zoom meetings and helping out with Audio Visuals every Thursday. Sally even runs the zoom session when she is in New Zealand whilst on holiday.  Sally also assists with the 2 major revenue generating courses – Introduction to Photography and the Lightroom course.

Reflecting back there is very little activity that Sally is not involved in and this award is certainly well deserved.

As we had a few other nominations, the Board felt that we did not want to dimmish Sally’s contribution by having more than one person get the Queenie Gatt award, hence it is my pleasure to present this award to Sally.

Mark Devaraj
President MCC