Digitisation and Image Capture

DatacomIT have approached MCC to assist in disseminating employment opportunities for people with digital photography experience.

DatacomIT are a provider of specialist digitisation services for all types of rare and unique material and currently have a large project underway for the ABC Archives and are actively recruiting for staff who have experience with digital photography.  

DatacomIT have a couple of brief videos on their website which highlight the type of work that they do and in particular the case study video for the Uniting Church is a similar project to the ABC work they are recruiting for currently.

The positions are casual, but full time work across 2 separate shifts each day for the next 3-4 month at the least. The commitment is 5 days a week for the next few months.

Uniting Church Case Study – http://url3452.melbournecameraclub.org.au/ls/click?upn=019qyClEvKJEEE0IlH9YooAPrUTAVHOrN3FTfEx0gy0l9GEC0d7pMcrELWFyQthJJRq2atxlgUFllzf-2FMx65xA-3D-3DIYi3_uZq4rOIe34vh-2BoEKflMXvbhAck2cuqEv-2B-2BlfHhZpjBtfiJnKeJOid2fImHI9PGPO-2BdjwFBMM5lBCqmTW5MNSWrGrSMLpPnvxF3eoFqkeICetJa32jgaez06E1YAaM9WU87xL3rIjDhXPyrcYfEZ2LxvJG2r-2FKdrdjWjyBvl68dAgbByIVewjumPz0zTIf7Bsxm0fRakq5YAUvZuGw7WSvcyDlpDMGSfZUTyPTiHj5BXx-2BTXx4-2BOiBjsQpB-2FJM46ZVCN-2B6KGdgeEZiC8gNgVQUmZNvmxpPSivWRz6HK4nrE4-3D
Company Profile video – http://url3452.melbournecameraclub.org.au/ls/click?upn=019qyClEvKJEEE0IlH9YooAPrUTAVHOrN3FTfEx0gy3hTtVsZCjGVC1tVBXreOjX2ZPE9fdP-2F3aCaSJbwqoufA-3D-3D3FxP_uZq4rOIe34vh-2BoEKflMXvbhAck2cuqEv-2B-2BlfHhZpjBtfiJnKeJOid2fImHI9PGPO-2BdjwFBMM5lBCqmTW5MNSWrGrSMLpPnvxF3eoFqkeICdaqA72kSG4PjV7se5q2lDyQedbPzjX09EjaP6LfowlH7Q25daujvKV3BP12I8SaG8vp54J63LwDmH0NvC0u1PYyxDftTnSCjf8-2FNEQ21fhBLNoGRXpNK383Y9iCA7R1HoIThN9J2dB64a2RR-2FOgaO0l-2BeSOuI5iaDPRNmtQtyj1BMmruE2UTeFEMozexagPxI-3D

The job advert can be found here. https://www.seek.com.au/job/51967068

If you are interested please apply directly to the job advert.

DatacomIT is not affliated or connected to MCC in anyway. MCC is not involved in these projects and is only sharing this information for the benefit of its members who may be interested.