Trierenberg Super Circuit 2021

Trierenberg Super Circuit 2021 – News Item

MCC is organizing a club entry to the Trierenberg Super Circuit, billed as the world’s largest photography competition.  MCC has been an entrant in this competition for many years and has earned a string of medals and awards for the quality of its entries. This builds national and international  recognition of MCC and provides an opportunity for members to showcase the best of their work. Both digital images and prints are able to be entered.

Entries close in March so this does not provide a lot of preparation time for anyone wishing to enter.  However, there is an incredible depth in the talent of our members and we are after at least ten members to support the club by participating. We need a minimum of ten members to participate to qualify for a club entry.

The benefit of participating is primarily the quality of the printed catalogues that are provided to all entrants. These are printed to a very high standard and apart from listing all acceptances, also showcase the best images from around the world. The images can be incredibly motivational. Acceptances count towards national and international award recognition for the photographer.

There are many different sections that can be entered and the sheer variety of options caters for many special interests.

This year, for print workers, the organizers have introduced an arrangement with a local photo printer to print on quality photo paper a 40×30 cm print for 5 Euros (about $8) at current exchange rates. This will overcome any issue with the disruption to international mail caused by COVID-19.

As stated above, there is not much time to prepare. All digital entries will need to be finalized by the 20th March and for entries that are to be printed, these will need to be finalized by the 10th March. Print entries have to be sent to Austria separately to the other digital entries in sufficient time to allow for them to be printed.

Entry forms are being uploaded to the MCC website and arrangements to collect entries are being finalized and will be notified to members shortly.

Details of the competition can be found at I urge members to consider entering this competition.
Please contact Jim O’Donnell (Competition Committee) to be a part of this exciting event.