2021 Competition Open

Monthly Competitions Resume in February

Print and PDI Monthly Competitions resume in February now that we can have face to face club meetings. The set-subject for February is “Patterns in Nature. For 2021 there will be some changes to the Print Competition beginning on Thursday February 11.

Firstly, we are asking you to upload a digital file of your print entry (PDI sizes apply) by no later than 8pm on the day following the Print Competition (e.g., 8pm Friday February 12). Use the “Print upload” button on the Competition page to reach the correct location. If you fail to upload a digital copy of your print entries, you will not score any points. The uploaded digital files will not be used for judging. They will be used for scoring, creation of digital award cards, creation of galleries, Exposure and cross-checking for duplicated entries. As for PDI, you will be able to see what images you have entered in the Print Competition and which entries have received awards.

The second change relates to display of images on competition night. We are going pin free! There will be two rows of channel placed onto the display boards into which you will place your print. There will be small sections of Velcro backed channel to be placed at the top of your image to secure it in place. Prints placed in the top channel will have a different securing block which will allow it them to lean out from the wall to avoid flare from the lighting. We therefore strongly recommend that you place a backboard card behind the print to ensure that over all, the mounted print will be stiff enough to sit in either channel without bending. Members will still be required to register their prints on arrival before each print competition. This is necessary to ensure that we have an accurate record of the number of prints entered in the competition.

Thirdly, Awards – will be virtual.

Winners will receive a digital certificate instead of a paper award.

PDI – winners a medallion on their image on the night – Gold=Best, Silver=HC and Bronze=C. A digital certificate will then be issued to the member by email

Print- winners will be issued with a digital copy of their print with the medallion embedded and emailed a certificate as per the PDI competition.

Because of Covid safety precautions no handshake with the judges will occur.

All awards will have a unique ID that can be validated on our website.

It has been a long time since we have had actual meetings in the clubrooms and we look forward to seeing you there with a bumper selection of images for the competitions.

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