10 Club Portrait Competition – Club Results

Judging and Results

Below is an overview of the judging and the aggregate scores for each club.

There was no “scale” that the judges marked to, rather they judged them out of 15 as they saw appropriate. As you know, all judges tend to mark differently but they are always consistent over a single competition. It is fair to say that the judges for this year’s 10CPC tended to be consistently lower markers, with a significant percentage of images being marked at 8 or 9 and at the other extreme only one image in the comp was marked at 15 and only one marked at 14.  For example, most of Camberwell Camera Club’s images scored 8 or 9 and the “contenders” received a higher score. 

As you would expect, it was all impartial in that the judges didn’t get names of members or clubs, just the image title.

The actual numbers of members in a club doesn’t matter as much as it seems. More images per club does increase the number of hats in the ring but it was scored on what the judges deemed a great portrait for the category. However, obviously if a club entered less than 30 images then there were less individual image scores to be accumulated in making up their aggregate score.

Attached is the listing of the aggregate scores of each of the participating clubs.

We hope that your members enjoyed being part of this year’s comp and, like most of us, learnt something from it all about portraiture.  We look forward to all of you joining the comp again next year.  

Camberwell Camera Club

Club Name Aggregate Score
Camberwell 278
Waverley 273
Caulfield 266
Melbourne 265
Knox 259
Warragul 258
Maroondah 238
Berwick 227
Doncaster 217
Eastern Suburbs 192