‘So Latte’ Digital Exhibition: A Resounding Success at MCC

The opening event of the ‘So Latte’ exhibition at the Melbourne Camera Club successfully showcased 98 photographs celebrating Melbourne’s coffee culture, attended by around 50 MCC members and visitors. The entire collection is now available for viewing online, allowing all viewers to experience the creativity and diversity of this engaging exhibition. Designed to inspire our members on their photographic journeys, the exhibition highlights the diversity and creativity inherent in our local cafe scenes.

The exhibition can be accessed through this link, with People’s Choice voting open until 31 May 2024.

The evening was celebrated in style, with attendees treated to a captivating music slideshow preview of the images, enhancing the viewing experience. Complementing the visual feast, members enjoyed Prosecco and nibbles alongside delicious coffee and tiramisu, making for a perfect pairing that echoed the theme of the exhibition. This MCC event provided a wonderful opportunity for photographers to share their work and stories in a supportive and appreciative environment.

For those who missed the event or wish to revisit the stunning photographs, we are pleased to inform you that the So Latte exhibition is available online. We encourage all members and visitors to explore the digital exhibition, where you can appreciate the artistry and narrative depth of the photographs from the comfort of your home. This online format ensures that every member of our community can enjoy the beauty and diversity of Melbourne’s coffee culture as captured through the lenses of our talented photographers.

Refer to the gallery below for photos from the opening night event. 

The Exhibition Committee thanks the exhibitors for their time and effort (and coffees consumed) in creating this excellent exhibition. 

MCC Exhibition Committee