Queenie Gatt Award 2023

The Queenie Gatt Trophy is a perpetual trophy that was sponsored by Late Charles Gatt in memory of his mother Queenie Gatt. Queenie Gatt was the wife of Edgar Gatt who was MCC president for 2 years from 1994-1995.
The award is to honour MCC Members for their non-photographic work in support of the Club.
We have received many nominations for this award and as such the Board is awarding this award equally to 2 members who have contributed their efforts for non-photographic work in support of the club.
Our first recipient for The Queenie Gatt for 2023 is Renee Sterling.
Let me highlight some key Contributions, Renee has contributed to the club:-

  • Renee together with Sue Brunalti proposed and introduced the Conceptual Group to the membership in 2021. Renee researched, designed and presented a new topic each month. Renee brought to the group her enthusiasm, willingness to help those who needed support and guidance. This group has continued and flourished and continues today.
  • Renee rewrote and updated the Introduction to Photography Course which allows for experiential learning through practice. Renee contributed a huge amount of effort and dedication, under tight timelines into making this an educative experience for all new participants wanting to learn photography. 
  • Renee was the co-ordinator of the Program Team bringing an interesting and diverse range of speakers and topics to our Thursday club nights. To quote a nominator Renee is a “powerhouse in initiating and organising the programs which were well run for sustaining member interest and membership numbers.”
  • Responsible for establishing the ‘15 Minutes of Fame’ that allowed club members to speak about themselves and to showcase their work.
  • Renee continues to be on the program team for 2024.

Well Done Renee and keep up the good work!!

Our second recipient for The Queenie Gatt for 2023 is Colin Booth.

To  quote a nominator “Colin’s selfless dedication to the club and readiness to always help at every opportunity is very worthy of an award”. 

Let me highlight some key Contributions that Colin has made:

  • Colin leads the Maintenance team which encompasses organising all the maintenance activities for this building. This involves obtaining quotes and having the Board approve the expenditure and finally completing the work.
  • You would have noticed that Colin together with Kees and other members are in the process of renovating and revamping the studio downstairs. You would have noticed the fireplace, a new projector and also exposed brick work  on one wall of the studio. Next week the team led by Colin will paint the floor of the studio.
  • Colin has organised a new video surveillance system and soon we will have a monitored smoke alarm facility.
  • Colin also looks after our electronic key system and also issues other keys for the building.
  • Colin also assists the studio manager to change the backdrops and very shortly Colin and Kees will install a new motorised backdrop system.
  • Colin spends most Tuesdays and Thursdays here in our club rooms attending to the items that I have mentioned.
  • Colin is also our BBQ cook who you will see in action when we commence again on the 1st February next year.

Well Done Colin and keep up the good work.!!

Mark Devaraj
President MCC

7 December 2023

Image by Des Crossley – Renee Sterling & MCC President Mark Devaraj