Competition Committee News

The Competition Committee has introduced a new category into the program. From next week’s competition (8th April) you will be able to submit images to the new ‘Image Critique’ category to get feedback on your images in a non-competitive format. Photographers at any level of experience can submit 2 images of their choice (any size) into ‘Image Critique’ for feedback. You can choose to enter images into either Image Critique or the competition or a combination of both, but only 2 images per competition night are allowed.

It is good to see quality prints back on the walls for our first two competitions, but numbers of entries in both print and PDI are down so we would like to see more entries especially from new members. Obviously, photographic opportunity was limited last year but remember there is no time limit on images so take a look at some of your previous images; with more editing experience and the developments in computer software, older images can be reprocessed with great results.

Competitions are an enjoyable way to learn more about your photography but if you are unsure about entering competitions try the new Image Critique category or ask anyone on the competition committee for help in entering competitions. You can send an email to  

A reminder of the rule about compositing or adding elements such as skies, backgrounds and textures to your competition images. Any added pixels must be your own photographic material – so even though Photoshop (and other software) might be able to supply skies, texture etc. these elements cannot be included in competition images. The photographic material needs to be 100% the work of the photographer submitting the image.

The next competition is Thursday 8th April with the set subject Door/s, it would be great to see more of your work in the coming months.

Any questions or comments please email 

Best Wishes
MCC Competition Committee