Queenie Gatt Award 2020

The Queenie Gatt Trophy is a perpetual trophy that is awarded by Charles Gatt in memory of his late mother Queenie Gatt. It is to honour MCC Members for their non-photographic work in support of the Club.
The Board received several nominations from members for this year’s award, and decided the recipient for 2020 would be Susan Rocco – congratulations Sue!
Sue makes a very big contribution to the Club through her editorship of Exposure, leading the AV mentorship program and also as New Members Coordinator. All these roles play an important part to a successful Camera Club.
As most would know Exposure magazine is on its way to becoming a very modern and professional club magazine and in the last 12 months has  moved from a traditional print publication to an electronic publication. Sue has been able to rally and mentor a fantastic editorial team around the digital initiative.
As New Members Coordinator, Sue has taken on this aspect of the growth of the Club with great passion and enthusiasm. Organising the various welcoming sessions, encouraging the development of information materials, and organising the matting workshops. These have all been welcomed by new members, and required considerable organisation and coordinating the longer time members to share their skills and knowledge. Sue’s leadership in this role extends far beyond the obvious – she represents the first point of contact for so many newcomers. She welcomes, gets to know, provides information. She calls, emails, finds out things and points newcomers to the right people.
On competition nights, and before and after, she encourages new members. Whether it is purchase mat boards, just to enter or to do better (with constructive advice). And she celebrates the various awards that new members receive.
Sue together with Barb Butler also are part of a mentorship group to assist any MCC member who is interested in making Audio Visuals.
Outside of Melbourne Camera Club, Sue is involved with VAPS and also another Camera Club which keeps her very busy indeed.
Congratulations Sue!