AIPP Silver Lining Awards – Finalists Announced

On Friday AIPP announced the finalists for their inaugural Silver Lining Awards. These awards are in place of the AIPP print competition this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The semi-finalists were previously announced on Monday.

Congratulations to three MCC members that have entries in the finals: Andrew Railton with his “The Party is Over” and “Australian Dream” images in the Photo Illustration category; Paul Dodd with his “The Icon, St Kilda” image in the Newcomer category; and Ruth Woodrow with her “Melbourne in Isolation” image, also in the Newcomer category. Finalists represent the top 10 images in each category. Paul Dodd was also a semi-finalist with his “Novotel, South Wharf” image in the Newcomer category. Semi-finalists represent the top 25 images in each category.

The overall winners in each category will be announced on July 30. Fingers crossed for all our entrants!

More information on the AIPP Silver Lining Awards, including a gallery of all finalists and semi-finalists, can be found at:

Andrew Railton – Australian Dream
Andrew Railton – The party is over

Paul Dodd – Novotel, South Wharf
Paul Dodd – The Icon, St Kilda
Ruth Woodrow – Melbourne in Isolation