Photowalk Community – Dog Rocks, Batesford, 9 June 2019

The Dog Rocks are growing to be a popular photography destination with a variety of shapes and sizes of rock formations with a few gnarled trees that can be framed against the rocks for interesting compositions. There may also be some animal photography opportunities – birds, kangaroos and evidence of rabbits, plus a few sheep.

Dog Rocks are a unique outcrop of Devonian Granite with the highest point around 100 metres above sea level where 15 million years ago it was an island in a sea; excavations in the area now revealing fossils of prehistoric marine life.

We will start and finish at the Batesford Hotel, on arrival meet for a coffee and wander through the hotel’s garden under a canopy of eucalypts alongside arches of the historic bluestone bridge on the river’s bend. We will then drive/carpool to Dog Rocks (5 min drive) – the rocks are on fenced farmland (nearby a residential area) with picturesque panoramas in all directions. Sunset will be at 5.10pm, after sunset photos we will experiment with light writing/painting or continue to do your own blue hour long exposures.

After dinner you may wish to return to the Dog Rocks area for Astro photography if there are clear skies after the moon has set. Note that the organised part of the day will be finishing after dinner, Astro is an option for those who may wish to continue on their own.

Weather: as the location is weather dependent, check the Facebook and Meetup events, and MCC website (What’s On photowalk event) for updates on the day if the weather is expected to be rainy or stormy.

Note that we are going to Dog Rocks at Batesford and not the Dogs Rocks Flora and Fauna Sanctuary.

What to bring:

  • Tripod for sunset shots and light writing/painting
  • Torch or head torch
  • Sturdy walking shoes as there are a lot of tree roots and rabbit holes and the rocks may be slippery
  • Warm clothing as the area is very exposed to wind from all directions, particularly southerly winds
  • Spare battery as the cold weather and long exposures drain batteries quickly
  • Cable/remote trigger release
  • Spare memory card

We will conclude with drinks/dinner at the Batesford Hotel at the end of the day.

All visitors, friends and members of the Melbourne Camera Club are welcome.

Date: Sunday 9 June

Time: 2.00pm start

Meeting Location: Batesford Hotel, 700 Old Ballarat Rd, Batesford

Duration: 4 hours, plus dinner

Image: Melissa Jane Cachia