UV exposure calculator

UV exposure calculation

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Working with UV, particularly the sun, can be challenging for AltProc workers. Each artificial UV source tends to be different but the clouds get in the way when you use the sun. This report is about an exposure calculator that monitors the UV levels in real time. You can place this next to your print and it will tell you when the UV exposure is at the level you probably need.

The theoretical justification comes from the fact that the changing UV level can be plotted as a simple line graph. It is in fact more complicated but for our purposes a line is acceptable.

You know what the exposure should be when the UV level is at a given level. If you find out what the exposure should be at other levels then you can calculated any exposure for any UV level. Simple algebra.


Before I go any further I have to make clear that I am not a programmer, nor am I a good circuit builder. So what follows will be seen by the sophisticates in both areas is pretty sad. But, it all works so that is all we have to deal with.