Portrait Workshop – Film Noir & Gatsby Inspired Portraits Workshop2

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Max of 10 participants per workshop.

In our “Film Noir & Gatsby” inspired themed workshop Julie Powell will show you how to create an air of mystery in your portraits by using unique lighting, models make-up and props essential to capturing the Film Noir style and show you how do encourage and direct your subjects to attain the ascetics you are showcasing by various methods including withholding some information, allowing the viewer’s imagination to fill in the gaps. Julie will show you that the eyes, often referred to as the “windows to the soul,” are especially effective in conveying mystery and intrigue, add shadows to a scene with a villain or hero’s shadow by getting another person to stand in front of a light source that will add some shadow play to your background.

Noir is the French word for the colour black and film noir are dark films that are known for their negative elements and suspicious characters. The term film noir was used in France during the post war years (1940s) to describe Hollywood movies based on American crime fiction that portrayed dark mood and cynicism. Some argue that film noir is a genre of film, while others say that it is a tone or visual style to portray a particular mood in the film.

Whilst there are many interpretations and arguments about the term film noir in photography, this particular effect can be used for various genres of photography like portraits, street, urban, environmental, indoor, etc.

Whether an absolute beginner or more advanced photographer, Julie will show you that with the right support and guidance, the required skills and knowledge can be gained that will enable you too create images like you see online and in magazines by building your confidence and your skills to take your photographic achievements to the next level.


There will be 2 individual workshops, with 10 participants each, held at MCC club rooms. 

As there is a high demand for these workshops please register for one workshop only per member at this stage, as we plan on providing this opportunity to at least 20 MCC members. If we have places available in the other workshops we will contact all those interested to register for more than one workshop closer to the date.  Bookings will be on a first come first serve basis.

Prerequisites: None

Students to bring:

Camera with hotshoe is essential. Access to a lens in the range of 100mm. ±30mm.  Preferable - a tripod to suit their camera.


February 11th, 2024 from  1:00 PM to  4:00 PM
254 Ferrars St
South Melbourne, VIC 3205
Event Fee(s)
MCC Member Workshop Fee (Incl. $4.50 PayPal Fee A$154.50
Non MCC member Workshop Fee (Incl. $7.50 PayPal Fee) A$257.50