2016 Annual General Meeting Update

Election of Directors

A ballot was conducted at the AGM for the position of President.  There are two nominees: Lesley Bretherton and Gary Richardson.

The result was Lesley Bretherton 43 votes, Gary Richardson 45 votes.

Gary Richardson was elected President.


Candidates deemed elected are:

Honorary Secretary – Gail Morgan

Honorary Treasurer – Karin Volz

Vice President – Peter Promnitz

Elected Members – Colin Booth, Mark Devaraj and Ian Bock.


Draft Minutes of the 126th Annual General Meeting

If any member in attendances believes these draft minutes are inaccurate, please send your comments to the President.

(Added 29/1/17)

Other Information

Draft Minutes of the 125th Annual General Meeting of 1 October 2015;

2016 Annual Financial Report for the Year ended 30 June 2016.


Financial Statements on a page.

Further documents and reports from the AGM will be added to this page as they become available

All AGM Reports (added 3/11/16)