Latow 2020 Interclub – PDI Entry

Latow 2020 Interclub

Melbourne Camera Club & Latow Photographers Guild (Burlington, Ontario Canada) Interclub Friendly


Entries can be uploaded from 5am on Wed 19 Feb 2020.
One image per member
Image size: 1920 x 1200 x 2mb
Filename format: No restrictions.
After clicking ‘Submit’, wait for screen to refresh.


MCC has been asked to assist the Latow Photographers Guild (Burlington, Ontario Canada) with an interclub PDI competition to be judged about mid March.

MCC has previously had a strong AV relationship with Latow and they have asked for our assistance because the club with which the competition had been scheduled is no longer able to participate. This has left a gap in the Latow calendar. The MCC Competition Committee is keen to assist. There is a lot of organising to do behind the scenes, however, up front, we need the involvement of our members. We need at least 30 members to submit jpeg images to the PDI entry system sized to 1920 px (L) by 1200 px (V) max 2MB.

The competition involves 30 images from MCC and 30 images from Latow being judged in both Canada and Australia by around the middle of March.

The good news is that there are no constraints on what type of image can be entered. So pick your best image. Previous prize winners in monthly and end of year competitions are able to be entered. We need 30 images and because of the very tight time frame to collate and arrange judging, your urgent attention to this request would be appreciated.

The uploading system will “close off” once the required number of entries are received.

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