Portrait image returns

Portrait image returns

Our Portrait Group models appear on a TFP (time for photographs) basis. It is very important that a variety of good quality photos are given back to them – to make it worthwhile and to enhance the reputation of the MCC and Portrait Group in particular. So we have rules regarding the return of images.

This page describes the image return rules, and also the preferred method for returning images.

Image Return Rules

When you first attend Portrait Group you will be asked to sign a copy of the Image Return Rules to confirm that you understand and accept these rules. This is a condition of being allowed to shoot at Portrait Group. A copy of your signed form will be emailed to you.

In summary the rules are this…

  • After shooting at a Portrait Group meeting, a selection of images must be returned within 2 weeks following the meeting.
  • Late images will not be accepted.
  • If you do not return images, you will receive a black mark.
  • If you arrive at Portrait Group and have a black mark, you must either leave without shooting or pay a $15 penalty. Either action clears the black mark – but if you paid the penalty you still have an obligation to return images from that meeting.

Approved Image Return Methods

Note: Portrait Group now only accepts electronic return methods

So that the Portrait Group coordinators can confirm whether or not images have been returned to models, photographers must return images using one of the following methods:

  • Upload to the Portrait Group Dropbox (preferred method, details below).
  • Email photographs or link to photographs directly to model, and remember to Cc: portrait@melbournecameraclub.org.au
    • NOTE: We leave it up to models to decide whether they want to give photographers their contact details. For privacy reasons, Portrait Group coordinators will not give out model contact details. We will, however, pass on messages.

The important aspect of this is that the Portrait Group coordinators can see which photos were returned. When we see the images we mark them off as returned in our records.

How To Return Images

Here is how to upload images to the Portrait Group Dropbox. This is our preferred method for returning images.

Other image return methods are left as an exercise for the reader.

Step 1 – Choose Your Images

We do not want you to return every frame you took on the evening – that is usually overload for the models who will have a lot of images to go through. Instead choose 5-15 of your best images of each model – this lets them hone in quickly on the good ones.

Process your chosen photos to a state where you would be happy to show them to other people. (They may be good enough straight out of the camera, and that’s fine too.)

Resize the photos to 2,048 pixels on the long edge.

Save your images as JPEGs (.jpg extension).

It is preferable to return images with no watermark, but we leave that up to you.

Step 2 – Organise Your Images

You will need to return images for each model you shot on the evening.

So create a folder/directory on your hard disk for each model.

Now copy all your images in to the appropriate folders.

Finally, create a README.txt file in each model’s folder that has your name and contact details, and optionally a message for the model.

Step 3 – Create ZIP Files

Note: You will be creating a separate ZIP file for each model.

There are many different methods for doing this, but here is one method for Windows 7/8/10 computers:

In an Explorer window, right click and choose “New > Compressed (zipped) Folder”.

Name the zip file <Model name>_<Your name>_<Date of shoot>.zip, e.g. Jackie_DavidPurdue_03082015.zip – double check that the model name is correct (so we give the photos to the right model) and your name is as you gave it to us when you signed up (so we can mark off that you returned images).

Double click on the zip file to open it.

Open another Explorer window and go to the model folder you created in Step 2.

Drag and drop the contents of the model folder into the zip file.

Close your Explorer windows when done.

Repeat this for each model (and the MUA if needed).

Step 4 – Upload The ZIP Files

Go to the Portrait Group File Request page at https://goo.gl/F0yCw7 – full URL is:

Please note: The MCC web software alters the target of those links, so clicking on the link may not work. Instead, please copy and paste the URL in to your browser’s location bar.

You can drag and drop files on to the page to upload them, or choose the files to upload by clicking the “Choose files” button. When you have selected files you go to a new page – fill in your name and email address here, and you can add other files here if you have forgotten any, then click on “Upload”. Please make sure you submit your real name (instead of a nickname or company name) so I can reconcile it back to you in my records.

Stay on this page until the upload finishes, and then you are done – we will see the files arrive, send them to the models and mark your name off the list, and you will get a confirmation from Dropbox.

To be sure, it is best to send us an email when you have uploaded images so we can check, and if the upload has failed for any reason we can tell you to try again.