Analogue photography schedule 2019

exc – excursion / ws – workshop / sis – special interest session / D darkroom / G Gallery / S Studio

Structure of meeting night

  • Bring along your favourite gear. Let others feel the quality/magic/craziness/etc.
  • Show and tell on prints you are working on or have completed. Non-judgmental hints and tips.
  • Any videos of project/activity work to show
  • Topic for the night
Jan 28thSilver Mirror to Box Brownie:How Photography DevelopedAlan Elliotok
Feb 25thScanning and Digital NegativesRichard/Selby/ShaneOK
March 25thDemystifying exposure
March 30hEaster
April 6thlightroom
April 7thwalk
April 22thThe basics of how to get to a decent draft print.
April 25thanzac day
ws April 28thWorld Pinhole Photography Day (S,D)selbyBoard approval
May 5thWalk
May 12Mothers Day
May 18/19 25/26/Nature exhibition
May 27thAdvanced techniques to get a print to exhibition quality.
June 1st 2ndAV exhibition
ws June 8thE6 processing (D)MarkBoard approval
Ws: June 16thmordencageselbyBoard approval
June 24thPreparing prints for display:

Spotting, matting & framing

sis July 13thSlide Night (S)MarkBoard approval
July 22ndTBAVarious
July 20st/21st/Archive exhibition
July 27th/28thOpen HouseClub activity – Cyanotype
ws August 11thMatting and framing workshopvariousBoard approval
August 25thPGMC
August 26thTBA
August 29thAPG Exhibition opening
August 31st 1stAPG Exhibition
Sept 7th & 8thAPG Exhibition
Sept 15thBox hill
Sept 21stPhotobook Exhibition
Sept 23rdTBA
Oct 5th/6thSeniors Exhibition
Oct 19/20/26/27Members exhibition
Oct 28thTBA
Nov 25thPlanning session 2020