‘Emerald Hill Reimagined – Then and Now’ Exhibition 2021

This year marks Melbourne Camera Club’s 130th Anniversary – an auspicious milestone indeed. Melbourne Camera Club is the oldest camera club in Victoria and one of the oldest in Australia. We continued operations uninterrupted during both World Wars, the influenza pandemic of 1919-1920, the Great Depression and many other significant events. We have even continued to operate during the current COVID-19 pandemic – a tribute to the indomitable resolution of our members! As part of the celebrations for this milestone, we are staging an exhibition called “Emerald Hill Reimagined – Then and Now”. The exhibition will showcase the original image alongside the reimagined image. 

Members were invited to select an image from the City of Port Phillip archives and then “reimagine” that image in some way. The reimagining may be as simple as reshooting the scene, or it could be a reinterpretation of the scene through today’s eyes, or, it could be something else entirely – an abstract image inspired by the original.

Many thanks to everyone involved in helping bring this project to life:

  • Melbourne Camera Club Members who were inspired by the images from the City of Port Phillip collection to create their images
  • City of Port Phillip support through the Arts Response Grants


To view the Virtual Exhibition images, click on the first thumbnail and scroll through the images.