Photobook competitions

Photobook Competition 2020

The rules are:

    1. Book compilation must be the Members’ own work but text and images may be from other sources and must be acknowledged.
    2. The name of the entrant must be printed on the cover and/or the first page and the year of production on the first page.
    3. A Member may enter up to two books.
    4. There are no restrictions on the subject, the size, or the printer. If an entrant so wishes, the book may be home printed and bound. Fold-out pages are permitted but not loose pages.
    5. There is no start date but entries must be printed in the previous 18 months.
    6. Submissions are due, together with an entry form, no later than 8pm on November 5th 2020.
    7. A Trophy and Highly Commended awards may be awarded by the judge/s and the results announced the End of Year Awards night
    8. As with other Melbourne Camera Club competitions, the judging criteria will be on quality of content and storytelling.

For more information contact Ian Bock.

Entry Form can be downloaded here

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