Format for Competition Entries

Rules covering format and Presentation of Entries

Format and Presentation of Prints

  1. The entrant must have made the original exposure from which the print is produced.
  2. Negatives or slides from which a print is produced may be commercially processed.
  3. Prints may be either commercially or home processed.
  4. All prints must be mounted, and must be marked with the entrant’s name and grade on the back.
  5. Framed prints are not permitted.
  6. The maximum mount size of prints entered in the Set-subject or Open “A” or “B” grades is 50.8 x 40.6 cm (20 x 16 inches). Note, this will allow prints to be entered in interclub competitions and photographic salons.
  7. The maximum mount size for prints entered in the Open “Novice” grade is 30.5 x 20.3 cm (12 x 8 inches).
  8. Monochrome prints contain only one colour, but can be toned, tinted or dyed on their entire surface. Partial toning and/or the addition of any extra colour are not acceptable.
  9. All prints not conforming to the monochrome criteria will be classified as colour prints.

Format and Presentation of PDI’s

  1. The entrant must have made the original exposure and any digital manipulation of the image.
  2. PDI’s must be in the JPEG file type.
  3. PDI’s must be in the sRGB colourspace.
  4. The maximum size of a PDI is 1920 pixels (maximum width) by 1200 pixels (maximum height) and be contained in a file of 2Mb (2,048Kb) or smaller.
  5. Entries will be presented to the judge without title or makers name.