2015 End of Year Awards

MCC Monthly ‘Print’ Competition – Aggregated Scores

Winning photos can be seen below the results.
A Grade
1st     Len Mullumby Trophy                      Jim Weatherill
2nd                                                          Lesley Bretherton
3rd                                                           David Ellis
B Grade
1st     Leigh Hawke Trophy                        Teng Tan
2nd                                                          Neil Cunningham
3rd                                                           Brian Seddon
Novice Grade
1st     Peter Hunter Trophy                       Peter Promnitz
2nd                                                         Milan Rupa
3rd                                                          Mary Kerr
Open Set Subject
1st                                                          Lesley Bretherton
2nd                                                         David Ellis
3rd                                                          Jim Weatherill

MCC Monthly ‘PDI’ Competition – Aggregated Scores
A Grade
1st     Albert R Andrews Trophy               Marg Huxtable
2nd                                                         Joshua Reuveni
3rd                                                          Ray Papulis
B Grade
1st     Norton Hobson Trophy                   Susan Brunialti
2nd                                                         Teng Tan
3rd                                                          Frances Egan
Open Set Subject
1st                                                          Brian Seddon
2nd                                                         Marg Huxtable
3rd                                                          Tuck Leong
                                                                Queenie Gatt Award
                     (Awarded for outstanding non-photographic contribution to the club)
                                                                     Greg Hotson
                                                         2015 Photographer of the Year
(The Photographer of the Year Award is for the most outstanding achiever in Print & PDI comps throughout 2015)
                                                                         Teng Tan

2015 ‘End of Year’ Print Competition Winners

Crosby Morrison Trophy – Marg Huxtable – “Hydrotherapy in the snow”

Highly Commended – Judith Mowlem – “Nature study”

Highly Commended – Marg Huxtable – “I’m a Wide Mouthed Frog”

Land, Sea or Cloudscape

Charles Seymour Trophy – Peter Walton – “Exploring Namibia”


Highly Commended – Jane Barnes – “A moment captured”

Highly Commended – Ian Bock – “Pt Lonsdale Lighthouse”

Highly Commended – Bob Morgan – “Natures struggle – Cape Leveque

Highly Commended – Judith Mowlem – “Life in detail #2”

Highly Commended – Brian Seddon – “Gunbower fog”

L.A. Baillot Trophy – Jim Weatherill – “Fashions On the Field”

Highly Commended – Susan Brunialti – “Ready, set, go”

Highly Commended – Marg Huxtable – “Henna hands”

H. McConnell Trophy – John Parkinson – “Rest break”

Highly Commended – Ian Bock – “The Demonstration”

Highly Commended – Colin Booth – “Old Monk”

Highly Commended – Neil Cunningham – “Adonis Triumphant”

Figure Study

Dr. Geoffrey Smith TrophyTeng Tan – “Terpsichorean Leap”

Best Creative print – Charles Kosina – “Sculpture”

Highly Commended – Gary Richardson – “Cardrona Hotel”

Best Open Print – Susan Brunialti – “Shadow”

Highly Commended – Lesley Bretherton – “Bhutanese farmyard dusk”

Highly Commended – Annette James – “Glasgow Heads x Four”

Highly Commended – Joanne Rinaldi – “Rich Man’s Toys”

Highly Commended – Teng Tan – “An Anatine Array”

Photo Essay

Best Photo Essay – David Ellis – “Women” 

Highly Commended – Teng Tan – “Irish Coast Guard mountain rescue” 

New Member Novice ‘Open’
Mal McKay Trophy – Karen O’Connor – “Perspective”

Michaels Camera Digital Video Award for Best Colour print
                   Teng Tan – “An Anatine Array”

Michaels Camera Digital Video Award for Best Monochrome print
                                 Jane Barnes – “Ceiling Anatomy”

              Michaels Camera Digital Video Award for Special Set Subject

                                      “In the City of Melbourne”
                            Lesley Bretherton – “Melbourne Laneway Café

                            “Photography is Fun” Trophy – The Bockey
                                   Annette James – “Eilean Donan Castle” 

                                                     Print of the Year
                                               Charles Du Rieu Trophy
                                        John Parkinson – “Rest break”

2015 End of Year Projected Digital Image Competition Winners

Ted Rotheram Trophy – Frances Egan – “It’s mine”
Highly Commended – Nicole Andrews – “Jackal feast”
Highly Commended – Phil Marley – “Little black cormorants”
Highly Commended – Peter Walton – “Penguin & baby”

Land, Sea or Cloudscape
Harry Cleveland Trophy – Jane Barnes – “Sand curves”

Highly Commended – Jane Barnes – “Morning Glory”

Highly Commended – Neil Brink – “Strathcreek B&W”

Highly Commended – Peter Walton – “Lake Catani morning”

Alan Elliott Trophy – Karin Volz – “Staying silent is a crime” 

Highly Commended – Marg Huxtable – “They start’em young”

Highly Commended – Joanne Rinaldi – “This fish”

Wilf Broadhead Trophy – Karin Volz – “No comment”

Highly Commended – Susan Brunialti – “At the market”

Highly Commended – Jane Clancy – “Angelina and the doves”

Highly Commended – Joanne Rinaldi – “Water well girl”

Best Creative PDITeng Tan – “Ophelia”

Highly Commended – Toby Frost – “Spinning”

Highly Commended – Tuck Leong – “Forest impression”

Grace Lock Trophy – Tuck Leong – “Rock flow”

Highly Commended – Jane Clancy – “Passion del Tango”

Highly Commended – Joshua Reuveni – “Hello”

Highly Commended – Teng Tan – “Supertree Wonderland” 

Highly Commended – Peter Walton – “Roundup”

                                           Michaels PDI of the Year
                                  Karin Volz – “Little Red Riding Zombie”

                       Michaels Special Subject – “In the City of Melbourne”
                                       John Harrison – “In Arcadia ego”

                                             MCC PDI of the Year
                          Alan G. Gray Trophy – Tuck Leong – “Rock flow”

2015 End of Year Audio Visual winners

Best Audio Visual – Bob Thomas – “Genesis”
Highly Commended – Robert Fairweather – “Royal Botanic Gardens”

Best 3.21 Audio Visual
– Charles Kosina – “South Island NZ”
Highly Commended – Jane Clancy – “Two blossoms one branch”

2015 Book Competition

Highly Commended – Therese Forsgren Mahoney

Highly Commended – Lesley Bretherton