APG Wetplate photography presentation April 2021

Wetplate collodion process

Guest speaker Brence Coghill showed how he uses the wet-plate collodion method on his 8×10 wooden camera. An enthusiastic audience of 30 members attended while Brence took us through the process and his journey to collodion photography including attending a John A. Coffer CampTintype in upstate New York. Brence explained the process of preparing plates, shooting and processing. His ‘technology’ ranged from a custom made wooden 8×10 camera to a dumpster dive cardboard box darkroom.

The Camp Tintype experience was a pivotal point for Brence in his wetplate journey. He spent four days camping in upstate New York on John Coffers’ property while he honed his plate making, shooting and processing skills.

If you missed it

“This was one of the best presentations we have had in this group” comment from a long time member.

“There is so much sharing and caring in the room.” a club member on their fist visit to an APG meeting.

Brence demonstrates plate coating technique




Brence discusses the finer point with members after the presentation Brence takes the members through the intricacies of coating a plate. Brence shows his portable cardboard box darkroom.