Analogue exhibitor Selby Markham 2023

23rd MCC Analogue Photography Exhibition

Selby Markham

The Bridge: A subminature photo essay

Minolta MGS 16mm camera using Agfa Copex microfilm processed in H&W Control developer.
Printed on Ilford MGIV and developed in Dektol

Using a 16mm camera is a very different experience and this essy attempts to show what can be achieved in this format. The images ‘needed’ to be toned as Sepia to reflect the age of the subject – it was built in 1890 as a part of the Essendon Railway.
ative from a scan of the 35mm negative of this photo to create this Cyanototye Photogram.

Hardenbergia violacea tendril (with web) #4

Minolta X300 Rokkor f1.4 50mm with #1 extension ring. Ilford Delta 100 processed in D76.
Printed on Ilford fiber and developed in Dektol using grade 4 filtration.

The graceful lines of this plants leaf tendrils create an ephemeral structure that pulls the eye in many directions.