Analogue exhibitor Santina Velo 2023

23rd MCC Analogue Photography Exhibition

Santina Velo

Tottgarook Beach

This Cyanotype contact print had a 15 minute exposure in the sun with a UV of only 3. The 35mm image was taken at Toogarook Beach, in 2021, as part of my Project 365 with a Minolta 303b with a 50 mm lens.

The cyanotype process uses a mixture of iron compounds, which when exposed to UV light & washed in water oxidise to create Prussian Blue images. I made a digital negative from a scan of the 35mm negative of this photo to create this Cyanototye Photogram.

Cyanolumen Untitled No. 1

This Cyanolumen was coated with a light mist of Cyanotype solution after a light sprinkling of turmeric. It was then exposed for 25 minutes in the sun with a UV of only 3 on expired darkroom paper.

Cyanolumen printing is an alternative photographic process. It’s a combination of cyanotype & lumen printing. Cyanotypes are made by coating paper or cloth with light sensitive chemicals before exposing it to UV light. Lumen prints are made using expired darkroom paper, with botanical subjects being placed onto it, covered with glass & then exposed to the sun for varying amounts of time.

Cyanolumen Untitled No. 2

This Cyanolumen was coated with a heavy mist of Cyanotype solution. It was then exposed for 5 minutes in a home made UV exposure unit on expired darkroom paper.