Analogue exhibitor Mat Hughes 2023

23rd MCC Analogue Photography Exhibition

Mat Hughes

Beach #1 (working title)

Digital negative from digital photograph | Van Dyke Brown print | Stonehenge pearl grey rag | Edition T.P.

Beach: “strip of land covered with sand, shingle, or small stones at the edge of a body of water”

This print is from a conversation/collaboration between myself and UK based printmaker Stewart Taylor. The beach is perhaps a metaphor for the overlapping space that exists between each of our crafts which all too often is considered as separate.

Approaching image making from a photographic background, I’m pushing past my own conditioning which is to make work that is instantly recognisable to the viewer. Coupled with the cameras tendency to mostly make littoral depictions, this presents a challenge. This print, one of seven, uses a combination of digital processing with traditional historic printing processes (Van Dyke Brown) to explore the peripheral and common ground that