Analogue exhibitor Andrew Green 2023

23rd MCC Analogue Photography Exhibition

Andrew Green


Coranderrk Creek III

6×6 inch cyanotypes (classic 10/10 formular) on Bergger COT 160 paper.

LEROUGE 66 pinhole camera using ILFORD Delta 100 film developed in ILFOTEC DD-X. The negatives were scanned into Adobe Lightroom as 48-bit HDR RAW files then converted to positive images with Negative Lab Pro. The internegatives were prepared in Adobe Photoshop then printed on Chromajet Screenproof Inkjet Transparency Film. The contact prints were exposed to UV light from the Sun then developed in 1,000 ml of 40°C water with ¼ tsp of citric acid for two minutes, followed by a 15-minute wash in running tap water. The dried prints were finished with a coating of micro-crystalline wax polish.

Three views of Coranderrk Creek in flood after heavy rains in late 2022


Coranderrk Creek IV

Coranderrk Creek V