22nd Annual APG Exhibition

MCC’s  22nd Annual Analogue Photography Exhibition was opened by our very own Past President –  Barrie Bunning.  Barrie, a very experienced analogue film and printmaker joined the MCC in 1962 and has seen MCC evolve over the last 60 years meeting in different “rented” locations to its current wholly owned premises. Barrie continues to be an active member of the Analogue Photography Group.

Other notable people that have opened previous APG exhibitions have included Tim Rudman (13th Exhibition), Ellie Young (Gold Street Studios), Alan Michael (Peter Michael’s father from Michaels Camera Store) and Neil Town (Melbourne News Photographer).

Approximately 25 people, mainly exhibitors, partners and MCC members attended the opening event.

In his opening remarks Barrie asked the question “Is Film Dead”? and touched on the following points to answer the question:-

  • Availability of films, papers and chemicals which can be sourced locally and from other parts of the world
  • Analogue cameras are still being produced
  • Many many web forums exist for  different formats – with some having over 790,000 members! 
  • Old cameras are increasing in their value as they are well sort after by the those interested in analogue photography

Barrie concluded his speech with ” In this exhibition each print that has been made, is a beautiful, unique, handcrafted entity and he congratulated each exhibitor for putting the time into creating their unique one off pieces of art”. 



Images Credit & Notes: Santina Velo