‘One Light Stand’ Photography Exhibition 2024 – Terms & Conditions

Showcase Your Creative Photography Skills at the ‘One Light Stand’ Exhibition

We are thrilled to announce the upcoming ‘One Light Stand’ Exhibition, a unique opportunity for our talented photographers to showcase their creative prowess. This exhibition, part of the annual Open House Melbourne event, invites you to explore the artistic potential of using a single artificial light source to create stunning images.

Images MUST be created with only one light source that is not NATURAL LIGHT, STROBES or FLASH.

The ‘One Light Stand’ Exhibition challenges you to think outside the box and produce captivating photographs with the use of only one light source. This is an exceptional chance to engage with the Melbourne community and share your unique vision and creativity.

Why Participate?

Participating in the ‘One Light Stand’ Exhibition not only allows you to showcase your work but also encourages you to experiment with lighting techniques, honing your skills in a focused and innovative way. By limiting the light source, you will learn to manipulate shadows, highlights, and contrasts, resulting in powerful and evocative images.

Creative Ideas for Using One Light Source:

  1. Silhouette Portraits: Position the light behind your subject to create striking silhouettes, emphasising shapes and forms.
  2. Low-Key Photography: Use a single light to illuminate part of your subject, creating dramatic contrasts and deep shadows.
  3. Side Lighting: Place the light source to the side of your subject to enhance textures and create depth.
  4. Backlighting: Illuminate your subject from behind to produce a halo effect, perfect for ethereal and dreamy photographs.
  5. Top-Down Lighting: Position the light above your subject to create a spotlight effect, highlighting specific features and creating moody atmospheres.
  6. Coloured Gels: Add colored gels to your light source to infuse your images with vibrant hues and set a particular mood or theme.
  7. Light Painting: Use a handheld light source to “paint” your subject with light, allowing for creative and dynamic long-exposure shots.
  8. Reflected Light: Bounce the light off a reflective surface, such as a white wall or a piece of foil, to soften and diffuse the illumination.
  9. Through Objects: Shine the light through objects like lace, leaves, or cut-out shapes to cast interesting shadows and patterns on your subject.
  10. Hard vs. Soft Light: Experiment with the distance and modifiers (such as diffusers or grids) to control the hardness or softness of the light, tailoring the mood and feel of your photographs.

We look forward to seeing how you utilise these techniques and push the boundaries of your creativity. The ‘One Light Stand’ Exhibition is more than just a showcase; it’s an opportunity to learn, grow, and inspire others within our vibrant Melbourne photography community.

Join us in making this event a memorable celebration of creativity and innovation. Happy shooting!

Exhibition Terms & Conditions



    • Entries are open now!!
    • REGISTER HERE – you are invited to register your interest now to secure a place in the exhibition, and update your print titles closer to the closing date.
    • Closing date: Sunday 7 July 2024, 11.59pm
    • Entries are open to all MCC Members

Artwork Submission

    • Thursday 11 July 2024 between 6pm-8pm (or by prior arrangement with the Exhibition Coordinators)
    • Artwork to be delivered, printed, mounted and ready to install to Melbourne Camera Club, corner Ferrars St and Dorcas St, South Melbourne

Exhibition Opening Event

    • Thursday 18 July 2024 at 7.30pm

Exhibition Dates and Hours

    • Saturday & Sunday 20-21 July, 11am-3pm
    • Saturday & Sunday 27-28 July, 11am-3pm, Open House Melbourne Weekend

Artwork collection from Melbourne Camera Club

    • Thursday 1 August, 7pm-8pm
    • Or by prior arrangement with Exhibition Coordinators


    • Register Here – you are invited to register your interest now to secure a place in the exhibition, and update your print titles closer to the closing date.
    • Closing date: Sunday 7 July 2024, 11.59pm
    • You are required to accept these terms and conditions, and to confirm you are the owner of the copyright for your works
    • Drop off your matted prints to Melbourne Camera Club on the specified dates. Each work must be ready for installation.
    • Work must be labeled on the reverse with:
      1. Your full name
      2. The title(s) of your work
      3. Your contact details
      4. Arrow showing required orientation 
    • Every endeavour will be made to hang all work submitted, subject to Section 7


    • The number of entries is limited to a maximum of 3 per person. 
    • This is a free exhibition. There is no entry fee
    • Entrants are invited to submit a 1MB JPEG of their entry to be used for the promotion of the Exhibition on the Melbourne Camera Club Facebook and Instagram pages via email to Exhibition Coordinators
    • Please also note that the Melbourne Camera Club may or may not use your image for promotion.
    • Work submitted to this exhibition may or may not be on display in the gallery however every exhibitor will have at least one work in the exhibition – subject to Section 7
    • All work submitted must be available for display across all dates of the exhibition.
    • Photographers with a series consisting of two or more images must provide instructions for the installation of their work, but we cannot guarantee that a series will be hung together
    • Works above the maximum size limit or works deemed unsafe to hang will not be exhibited
    • We have an all care, no responsibility policy. With such a large number of works to install, although we take all care, we cannot take responsibility for damage made to work submitted to the exhibition
    • All works must be ready for installation when dropped off
    • All works must be printed then mounted on a white mat board with a backing board of foam core or cardboard, securely taped
    • All works must not exceed an outside measurement of 400mm x 500mm (or 16 inch x 20 inch) mounted, including mat boards
    • If you would like to submit special work/s outside these specifications, please discuss with the Exhibition Coordinators


    • Works must arrive at the Melbourne Camera Club on or before Thursday 11 July 2024 between 6pm-8pm
    • Drop off location:

Melbourne Camera Club
254-256 Ferrars Street (cnr Dorcas & Ferrars Sts)
South Melbourne 

    • Dropping off work before 11 July is by prior arrangement with the Exhibition Coordinators
    • Please clearly label all work on the back with photographer’s name, contact details and title of the work (refer Section 2 above)


    • Works can be collected on:
      • Sunday 28 July, 3pm-3.30pm
      • Thursday 1 August, 7pm-8pm
    • Please bring your satchel / bag when collecting your images


    • There will be a small prize for a People’s Choice Award for the ‘One Light Stand’ Photography Exhibition.
    • The Photographer’s work with the most votes will be awarded the winner of the People’s Choice Award.
    • Every person who visits the exhibition is entitled to one vote. Multiple votes per person will not be valid. Only valid votes will be counted.
    • People’s Choice Prize winner and Lucky Voter winner will be announced at the Melbourne Camera Club meeting on Thursday, 1 August 2024 at 8pm and contacted directly. Results will be published in MCC’s members newsletter, social media and website.


    • As this is a curated exhibition, where it is hoped to display all entries, this may not be possible due to space restrictions.
    • The Melbourne Camera Club Exhibition Coordinators reserve the right to make selections for the exhibition that may be determined by available space.
    • All entries will be displayed (subject to space) unless deemed offensive, too fragile, dangerous or not ready for installation.
    • If you are photographing children, you must refer to protocols developed by the Australia Council (australiacouncil.gov.au) before entering your work and adhere to the MCC Ethical Principles of Photography, available on the MCC website.
    • Insurance is the sole responsibility of the entrant.
    • All care will be taken however, the Melbourne Camera Club will not be responsible for any loss or damage caused to the work, howsoever caused.

Any queries or alternative drop off / pickup arrangements, please contact our Exhibition Coordinators, via email at ExhibitionsTeam@melbournecameraclub.org.au.

June 2024