10 Club Portrait 2021

June 2021

Outline and Rules


The Camberwell Camera Club (CCC) is delighted to be conducting the second annual 10 Club Portrait Competition (10CPC) in 2021 between ten Melbourne eastern and outer suburban camera clubs.

The aim of the 10CPC is to encourage and improve portrait photography throughout Melbourne, to enhance interactions and knowledge sharing between camera clubs, and facilitate the comparison of standards between clubs and members in the spirit of collaboration and competition.

The competition judging and awards night will be held on Tuesday 24 August 2021 commencing at 7.30pm. Due to on-going Covid issues this event will again be held on Zoom.

The ten clubs competing in the 2021 competition are:

  • Camberwell
  • Caulfield
  • Doncaster
  • Eastern Suburbs
  • Knox
  • Maroondah
  • Melbourne
  • Warragul
  • Waverley
  • To be determined due to a late withdrawal.

Portrait is defined for this competition as a photograph of a person or persons, that may range from a head study to full body length. A full description is provided below.

The competition is divided into three DPI categories – single person, two or more people, and creative portraiture. Clubs may select up to 10 entries from their members in each of the single person and two or more people categories and up to 5 images in the creative category (i.e. 25 images in total).

All entities per club must be submitted via the web by midnight on 26 July 2021 (refer below).

There are no fees for entering images or for attending the presentation night. However, participating clubs are requested to contribute $50 each towards some of the costs of conducting the competition.

All club members and friends are more than welcome to attend this Zoom presentation night which will also include a discussion by the judges on portrait photography more generally.

As occurred in association with the 2020 competition, the expectation is that participating clubs will from time-to-time invite other participating clubs to get involved in a portraiture related event that they are arranging so as to foster stronger bonds and the sharing of knowledge between members of all the clubs. For example, this may involve an event being conducted by an expert portrait photographer, a gallery tour or workshop, including by way of a webinar or Zoom session.


  1. Entry requirements

Each participating club must nominate one representative who is responsible for ensuring:

  • All images submitted by the club have been taken/made by current financial members of that club.

  • The submitted images meet the image rules as provided below.

  • An entrant who is a member of more than one of the participating clubs, can only represent one club in the competition.

  • The images are to be submitted by midnight on 26 July 2021 in accordance with the process provided in point 4. Late entries will not be accepted.

  • All entries comply with these rules and this is the direct responsibility of each club to ensure this.

  • Images that have been entered in this competition in a prior year (even if subsequently re-edited) are ineligible to be entered in this year’s competition.

  • The name, email address and phone number of each club’s representative must be emailed to Ken Spence at portrait.comp@camberwellcameraclub.org.au by 1 June 2021, so that we have a confirmed point of contact in dealing with each club through the final preparation phase.

  1. Image capture

  • Entered images must be the original work of the member and, as such, the member must have had the creative control in creating and editing the image and must not have been under the instruction or direction of others.

  • Images may be enhanced or processed using image editing software.

  • Entries must be 100% photographic in origin and all elements in an entry must be the original work of the entrant (refer above).

  • Portraits may include candid photographs and formal portraits.

  • While proof of model releases will not be required, where necessary for any other purpose this responsibility remains with the individual entrant.

  • Images can have been taken at anytime. [While it had been the intention that for this 2021 competition images were to have been taken within the preceding two years, due to the significant Covid 19 disruptions the introduction of this requirement will be deferred until the 2022 competition.]

  1. Entries Per Club Member

  • In recognition of the substantial differences in the sizes of the 10 clubs in this competition, after consultation with participating clubs it has been decided that it would assist in “levelling the playing field” if larger clubs with over 100 registered members at 30 June 2021 can only submit one image per member in the total competition, whereas as smaller clubs can enter a maximum of 2 images per members in the total competition. The objective is to maximize club member participation while recognising the limitations faced by smaller clubs.

  1. Subject Categories

The three competition categories and the maximum number of images that can be entered in each category are detailed below. A maximum total of 25 images across all categories can be entered by a club.

  1. Single person portrait: maximum of 10 images
  • Photograph contains one person only as the main element of the image. For example, the subject person standing in front of a grandstand of football supports would still qualify, provided that it is a portrait of only that single person and the people in the grandstand are residual elements only providing a setting/context rather than being subjects of the portrait themselves.

  • May be a full or partial body.

  • Does not have to include the face.

  1. Two or more people: maximum of 10 images
  • Photograph contains two or more people in the same image as the main elements of the image (refer to the note above regarding the concept of “main element”).

  • May be full or partial bodies.

  • Does not have to include faces.

  1. Creative portraiture: maximum of 5 images
  • We are not even going to try to define this category and so let your creative spirit free and experiment! In this context, images may possibly be abstract in nature. Just remember that the overarching topic is still human portraiture.

  • Images entered in this category cannot include images entered in other categories, even if substantially reedited.

  • Polyptychs (diptychs, triptychs, etc) are permitted in this category only.

  1. Image Sizing

  • Images must be entered in JPEG format at a maximum size of 3Mb. [After the judging night we will be in contact with photographers of the winning images to request full file versions for the purposes of arranging a quality print for them of their image (refer Awards below)].

  1. Process for submitting photos to the competition – All entries by a club must be submitted on-line at least before midnight on 26 July 2021 . Details as to the actual process of submitting images will be made available in June 2021.


We are extremely fortunate that we have again been able to arrange to have two outstanding and expert Melbourne based professional photographers as judges for this event.

Our two judges will be Mandarine Montgomery https://www.mandarinemontgomery.com/

and Alan Moyle http://alanmoyle.com.au/2015/3/20/s7oklitgoigtw4cm2p8uzel75cffua.

The judges will award a maximum total of 20 points to each image, with aggregate scores being used to determine the winning club in each category and across the total competition. The judges will also determine the winner and runner-up images in each category. Judging will consider composition, technical quality, and impact.

Details of the score for each entry will be made available to all clubs after the presentation night.

The judges’ decisions are final and are not open to challenge.


The judges will make the following awards:

  1. For the club receiving the most points overall, the prize will be a digital banner for their website and newsletter.

  2. For the top image in each category (“First Place Image”), the prize will be a certificate and a mounted print of their photograph in A3 size.

  3. For the second-best image in each category (“Second Place Image”), the prize will be a certificate and a mounted print of their photograph in A3 size.

  4. For a limited number of additional images in each category of exceptional standing (“Highly Commended”), the prize will be a certificate.


Due to on-going Covid issues and uncertainty, the presenatition night will again be held vai Zoom.


Entered images (including awarded images) can be used in promotional material for this competition and for future competitions.

QUESTIONS and ENQUIRIES – If you have any queries please email us at portrait.comp@camberwellcameraclub.org.au  or call Ken Spence (Ph 0419996191) Vice-President Camberwell Camera Club